SQL Server

Installing Adventure Works 2012 for Analysis Services

I recently had some trouble while installing Microsoft demo database „AdventureWorks“. I will sum up briefly what exactly went wrong and how to work around it.
First question was what exactly needed to be downloaded. So go to Codeplex  and download AdventureWorksDW2012 Data File and also AdventureWorks Multidimensional Models SQL Server 2012

The Data File is the SQL Server database that needs be attached. I use SQL Sever Management Studio for this purpose.
Then right  click on databases and choose attach. In the dialog select the downloaded mdf file
Next it is important to remove the log otherwise you will get an error. So select the the log and press remove.
Possibly you also might need to change the security permissions for the mdf file.


Now press OK and the database will be attached.
Next we can open the SSAS Visual Studio solution to deploy and process the SSAS database.
So after unzipping go to AdventureWorks Multidimensional Models SQL Server 2012\Standard and open the solution. Make sure the data source points the server where we just attached the AdventureWorksDW2012 database.

Also set the correct SSAS server.

Finally choose Build -> Deploy Solution from menu.

Now you should have a working Adventure Works Cube