Calling SAP BW EasyQuery from C# .Net

EasyQuery is SAP´s newest technology for providing external access to SAP BW via Web Services. Unfortunately there is not a whole lot information out there on how to actually call an EasyQuery Web Service other than from SAP standard tools like BO Design Studio, etc.So here I’ll give a detailed introduction on how to call[…]

Working with Flat Files in SSIS – Datatypes

In my experience working with flat files in Microsoft Integration Services can be quite cumbersome sometimes. There are numerous swtiches and options that can be configured to smoothly load CSV files into your database. Configuring things the wrong way may cause your ETL process to crash in case a CSV file changes its structure or[…]

Installing Adventure Works 2012 for Analysis Services

I recently had some trouble while installing Microsoft demo database „AdventureWorks“. I will sum up briefly what exactly went wrong and how to work around it. First question was what exactly needed to be downloaded. So go to Codeplex  and download AdventureWorksDW2012 Data File and also AdventureWorks Multidimensional Models SQL Server 2012 The Data File is the SQL Server[…]